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Precast Engineering Company
One of the Midwest's preeminent precast design firms, Precast Engineering Company has been designing precast structures across the Midwest for more than 30 years. PEC's project repertoire is based primarily on architecturally complicated low to mid-rise office buildings, manufacturing facilities and parking structures, while highlighted with various high-profile sport stadiums and convention centers.


An experienced team.
Precast Engineering's team of experienced Tekla and AutoCAD technicians and engineers provide a wide variety of services. Although the needs of each customer are met individually, several standard services are offered. First, if desired, the owner's criteria is interpreted to create a three-dimensional computerized model of the structure. Then the drafting team is responsible for translating the project into a complete set of erection drawings that include all connection details, plans, elevations, and foundation layouts. To facilitate erection of the precast, the team provides a detailed listing of all material required in the field, and when necessary, will provide specific instruction for the bracing of panels during the construction stage. Besides drawings for erection, the drafting technicians are also responsible for the computer generation of all drawings for the production of the precast members.

Complete service.
The engineers provide the other half of the firm's complete service. At the beginning of each project, a rigorous overall analysis is performed, which includes load tabulation and lateral analysis. This is followed by detailed computer-generated designs for all precast members and the connections involved for erection. In most instances, the firm's extensive library of custom computer design applications is utilized to promote accuracy, efficiency and clarity.

More than a consultant.
PEC's dedication to the overall success of the project is proven by two things: First, Precast Engineering's area of expertise is not limited to design and drafting. Besides having a vast knowledge of concrete technology, most of its principal members have had years of direct contact with both production and erection, and are authoritative with regards to their methods and concerns. As a result, the firm is perpetually construction cost-minded as assertively tailors its methods to promote production quality. Second, the team concept is not only applied in-house, but also in relation to the owner, architect and general contractor. The scheduling needs and profitability of the client are given singular attention. In the plant as well as the field, members of the project team are available for inspections and quality control maintenance.

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